The Tre Ver Educational Institutions at Former Raintree Gardens Singapore

The Tre Ver, a exciting new development in the heart of Singapore will soon be ready for occupation. Built on the site of the former Raintree Gardens, a privatized HUDC estate in Potong Pasir. The new development will have an estimated 500 units when completed and will be one of the premier living spaces on offer in Singapore.

The property is being developed by a joint venture between two companies and is the 3rd development in the area. The Singaporean government is encouraging The Tre Ver Potong Pasir Avenue 1 of the area into a green oasis, offering residents a peaceful and quiet area to live in located close to the city centre. All amenities that one could possibly need is located on your doorstep which makes this an excellent space to live in.

The Tre Ver Educational Institutions Near to Development

The sale of Raintree Gardens set new records in terms of income per unit for the previous owners. Each owner is expected to receive around 1,9 million US dollars for their unit, while the market price of the properties is estimated to be around 1,1 million US dollars. This has been the latest in a streak of sales that reached higher than expected figures in the current market conditions. There are many educational institutions located at Potong Pasir Town as well as the Woodleigh area.

The nearby Bidadari area seems to be what is driving the sales, everybody wants a piece of the action. While peaceful and quiet, Potong Pasir is also located close to medical facilities and schools which makes it an even more interesting proposition for prospective buyers. Amenities such as international schools are also located close to the Tre Ver development. This makes the development a good choice for families with children who can easily and safely attend school in the area. The Tre Ver is the former Potong Pasir Avenue 1 HUDC located right next to Potong Pasir MRT Station.

The Trever Location at Potong Pasir Avenue 1

Set to be modern and trendy, the apartments are sure to please discerning buyers with aesthetics to rival the best developments in the area. The development will also boast a swimming pool and function centre at the heart of the complex. This facility will enable residents to have parties and other functions right on their doorstep. The Tre Ver combines all the functionality that one can expect from a modern condominium complex in a fully integrated living area.

The Tre Ver Units at Raintree Gardens HUDC Enbloc

The developers of the Tre Ver have established themselves as excellent developers and have completed numerous developments in the area, some of which have won awards for their outstanding quality. You can be assured of satisfaction and quality when investing in one of the units at the Tre Ver. If you are looking for property in the Patong Pasir area then you needn’t look further than Tre Ver.



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