The Clematis Former Park West SingHaiYi Clementi MRT Station

The clematis is a new development located in the heart of Clementi; the development is a joint venture between SingHaiyi Group and Haiyi wealth. The developer is among the most innovative real estate developers with access to Asia and the Americas, specifically The United States.With the primary aim of providing dream homes to its customers. The group is divided into three departments namely. Real estate development dedicated to the development and sale of the properties, Real estate investments which is engaged in the management and holding the property and the other is given the role of providing management services of the already complete units.

The Clematis Former Park West Condo Facilities

The clematis former Park west sits on an area of about 633,967 square feet with a leasehold agreement of 99 years; it comprises of four rental blocks of 432 apartments, The unique facilities within the development include a gym, a fifty feet swimming pool, children playing area a clubhouse and a sundeck among others. This unique facility gives you and your family a chance to have fun in the vicinity of your home keeping your guests entertained. The previous park west block consists of four shops and 432 apartments, and plans are underway to build a convenience store to cater to the residents.

The Clematis Floor Plans and Clementi MRT Station

The projects consist of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments and from the sixth floor and above you get uninterrupted views of the city and the exact floor plans are also available upon request this development offers luxury and security for your family. The development is highly accessible with the Clementi mass rapid transit station just a few minutes walk from the development, there are also multiple buses plying the route for your convenience, and if you want to travel to the city center, the development is located next to Ayeh Rajer expressway.

The Clematis SingHaiYi Near to Schools and Academic Institutions

The social amenities near the clemeties include renowned public and private institutions such as National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and chats-worth international school. Primary and secondary schools include Qifa primary school and town secondary school respectively The shopping malls and complexes near the vicinity include The Grantral mall and The Clementi mall to make your shopping needs easy. Other places of interest within the clematis vicinity include the Singapore botanical gardens and the popular Clementi town steel bridge truss that was constructed to ease trade between Singapore and neighboring Malaysia. Whether you wish to purchase a unit for your short-term or long-term, stay the clematis a unique and beautiful lifestyle.

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