Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties Freehold Condo at Bukit Timah Road

A new residential development, Juniper Hill, is the current talk of town. The new freehold condominium, which is sandwiched between the Sea View and the Shore Residences, two popular condominiums, is now home to a site that previously held a landscaping and nursery business. The residential development is located in the heart of heart of Bukit Timah in a location that has a rich history of over 30 years. The residential development is also very close to the forthcoming Tanjong Katong.

Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties Freehold Condo

Juniper Hill has come about really fast, thanks to the fastest growing and popular real estate developers AllGreen properties. The company that started way back in 1986 has grown to become one among the few companies whose shares have been listed on the Singapore stock exchange market, even after being delisted in 2011. This is the company behind the development of the quality Juniper Hill Freehold Condo among its other unique and luxurious projects.

Juniper Hill Real Estate Development with Facilities

Juniper Hill freehold condo is a different kind of real estate development, offering something for everyone, unlike what can be seen in similar freehold condos. It features a wide range of facilities that can cater for the needs of an individual and an entire family. There is for instance a children’s playground, a place where all kids of all ages can get fully entertained. The development also features a tennis court, a swimming pool and a function room among other facilities.

In addition to that, residents  of Juniper Hill freehold condo will have quick access to some of the important amenities including shopping malls and commercial centers. This takes care of all their shopping needs. Some of the shopping malls that are within close proximity include Beauty World, Balmoral and Bukit Timah center. Bukit Timah Reserve is also right there, providing quick access for anyone that would be interested in outdooring as they enjoy and experience the nature. The reserve is a perfect place to hang out with the entire family over the weekends or public holidays.

Juniper Hill Unique Lifestyle Bukit Timah Road

For a family or individuals who want to enjoy a unique lifestyle as well as create a wonderful home away from the noisy and busy city, Juniper Hill condo will be a preferred place to move to. The development consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, with two types of facing; a Bukit Timah Nature Reserve facing and a Bukit Timah Road facing. If you prefer a perfect view, the 6th floor should be your ideal selection, depending on the facing you favor. In addition to the amenities listed above, you will find an indoor gym and a BBQ area within the residency.

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