Petit Jervois Freehold Condo Strategic Location in the City

Petit Jervois is a new development, owned by SC Global, which is a prominent actor on the Asian real estate market. Initiated in Singapore, in 2000, the company boasts an idea-driven vision in construction, with reputable workmanship and innovative designs. It breathed life in many residential and commercial projects in Singapore, and abroad, including China and Australia. The real estate giant holds great interests on the Australian construction market, with a great number of prestigious properties built over years, and new investments that are set to be implemented in the future. Recently, it gloriously entered the Japanese real estate, with a global project of transforming a commercial property, in Ginza, into a lavish shopping facility.

Petit Jervois Strategic and Convenient Location in the City

One of the latest real estate plans of the company, in Singapore, is Petit Jervois freehold condo, which has a strategic and highly convenient location in the city. The multifunctional center is placed in a tranquil area, near the Redhill MRT Station, with a broad access to the transportation system, and at a stone’s throw from the Central Business District and the main shopping malls spread across the River Valley. Also, Petit Jervois is minutes away from important attractions, including Singapore Botanical Garden and Fort Canning Park, which is a great opportunity for families to spend their leisure time.

Academic Institutions Near to Petit Jervois

Also, the company aims to grant the project an education-friendly emplacement. The center is surrounded by many academic institutions, including: elite schools and kindergartens, which ensures that the children will not get tired in reaching from home to school. Concomitantly, parents will spare more time for business, being not forced to travel across the city, to take their children from school.

Apart from a noise-free and an extremely convenient environment, the center provides the residents with a wealth of modern facilities, from entertainment to sport. They will have access to a classy clubhouse, a spacious function room, a gym, a tennis court and a swimming pool. Moreover, there are all needed facilities for spending wonderful vacations within family, including sun decks, barbecue pits and playgrounds for children.

Bedroom Types for Petit Jervois

Petit Jervois has smart floor plans, which fit the residents with many benefits. The building consists of 3 bedroom units, with proper amenities adjusted to the family needs. The rooms have two types of facing. Some of them open a view at Jervois Road, while others at the Prince Charles Crescent.

SC Global aims to develop Petit Jervois in the most innovative and luxurious manner, with limitless client-centered facilities, strong security and full-fledged amenities that make the residents walk through the greatest housing experience in their life.

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Roxy Pacific Holdings Arena Residences Real Estate Development

Arena Residences is another absolute improvement in real estate that is located in the center of Guillemard Lanes by Roxys Pacifics Holdings. The site was obtained with support, RH Guillemard, who received the property goals in Guillemard Lanes 2 and 6. Roxy Pacific Holdings plans to have the 2 packs with 2 other packages that she has already acquired at Guillemard Lane 12 and 14 and the new progress will be the current Arena Residence. The total property will now be an area of 25,601 square feet and it is expected that Roxy Pacific Holdings Arena Residences in an early anticipation of the property on the outskirts of the city near the central business district and also the Orchard area

Roxy Pacific Holdings Arena Residences

Arena Residences has complete and unique offices, including a shelter, a clubhouse, an office, an indoor leisure center, a tennis court, a 50-meter pool, a terrace, a barbecue and a children’s playground. The suite offices offer complete entertainment for the whole family, friends, and family. Enjoy a serene, laid-back lifestyle in the heart of Guillemard Lane and Geylang.

The Arena Residences sites are in a moment of absolute dominance, reflecting a promising adventure for Roxy Pacific Holdings to reload its real estate bank. The meeting will finance the development of internal credit improvement.

Arena Residences Developers Roxy Pacific Holdings

The Roxy Pacific Holdings Group is primarily engaged in the development and supply of commercial and residential real estate. Known for its Signature Inn in downtown Singapore, Katong, the Grand Mercure Singapore-Roxy is a marvel to see other speculative items in different parts of the world.

Roxy Pacific Holdings is recognized as one of the leading brands in the property improvement industry, developing and perfecting small and medium-sized private improvements, such as homes and apartments. There are no bad judgments about the ideal rating sent by Roxy-Pacific Holdings to the company.

Roxy Pacific Holdings also has commercial facilities in Australia, such as 117 Clarence Street, which is located in the much sought after area of Sydney’s West Corridor. It is a twelve-story work with a net square of twelve thousand five hundred and seventy-one square meters.

Arena Guillemard Lane Residences

The Arenas Residences Condo at Guillemard Path is also knowingly located with many shopping centers in the area. For example, the capital Guillemard and amusement park Kallang are located near residences Arena. The Arena Residences Freehold Condo is also close to the Singapore Sports Hubs, where many families from outside have access to high-quality energy with their families.

Arena Residences Guillemard Geylang is open with MRT Mountbatten Station on the Circle Line. Similarly, for owners who take transportation, there is accessible transportation along Guillemard Street and Mountbatten Street. For owners wishing to explore the city, Arena Residences is close to the Kallang-Paya Lebar (KPE) highway. Arena Residences has been conceived as the main concern with the prospect of a complex and extravagant complex.

Arenas Residences District 14 Aljunied

Arenas Residences is located in District 14 and this area was considered a quiet area near the city center and in addition to Aljunied MRT station. Local 14 represents a call that makes the local place, which is located near the east coast, very popular. The proximity of Geylang also means that there are many restaurants near the improvement. Paya Lebar Square and in addition Paya Lebar MRT Interchange Station is close to transferring in this way the transport accommodation for residents of the improvement.

City Developments Limited in Singapore

Singapore is the perfect example of a modern metropolitan city, where life is busy and time is money. And one of the major contributions that make a city worth living is the power of real estate companies that are responsible for creating a solid community that facilitates the habitat and creates opportunities for investment and business. One such example of a large corporation is City Developments Limited, which is a real estate giant with its network spread out across 100 locations in 28 countries worldwide. As of yet, the company has developed homes, shopping malls, hotels and offices etc. and is moving forward with the mission to grow business on a continuous basis.

City Developments Limited in Singapore and Other Countries

The company is enlisted in the Singapore Exchange and has a successful history of over 50 years serving the real estate industry. During their tenure, they’ve built over 40,000 residential commodities within Singapore and international countries such as China, Japan, Australia and the UK. City developments limited is also associated with Millennium and Copthorne chain of hotels which is renowned name in the hospitality industry.

City Developments Limited Vision and Employees

The company envisions building a better future, starting today and their values comprise of three main terms which are assurance of the best outcomes, setting benchmarks for others to follow while leaving behind competitors and value employees, the creations and operate within sound conditions. On the company website, there’s information regarding the creative team behind as well as board of directors and data about the shareholders stream. Additionally, CDL also issues a quarterly publication named City News Publication that targets business investors, tenants, residential buyers and more. It mainly talks about real estate industry trends and happenings along with CDL’s determination towards serving community and potential future ventures.

City Developments Limited Media Relations

There’s an entire section on the website solely meant for investors and media corporations to gather more information about the company through stock data, press releases, events calendar, latest announcements, financial and other similar data, corporate policies, presentations and more.

For those interested to know more can contact CDL via various mediums such as email, direct telephone and social media channels. The contact page clearly defines rules and regulations that ought to be followed for enquiries and any concerns regarding operations of the company. There are also toll free numbers available for Singapore, Thailand and China.

Overall, CDL’s contribution in Singapore’s development cannot be ignored and the country boasts of state of the art buildings which are an example for its predecessors. The company has sustained a strong position in the real estate world and continues to grow by coming up with brilliant plans that cater to several kinds of people and make it a wonderful opportunity to investment in. Also CDL has opened doors for employment and hires well trained professionals that are the backbone behind the corporate giant’s ongoing success.