Hillview Avenue Residential Estate Near to Tuan Sing Holdings Condo

Our planet is a home to numerous lush landscapes that often leave us in awe. Hillview is one such beauty that lies in Butik Batok, present in the Western region of Singapore. Soothing greenery meets your eyes in every direction. Hillview is enveloped by Bukit Gombak, Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bukit Timah nature reserve. The eastern domain is more attractive because of the presence of Dairy farm, Hindhede, Chestnut and the Rifle range. The development is near to Jalan Remaja Tuan Sing Holdings Condo.

Industrial Past for Hillview Avenue

For nearly four decades since 1940’s, Hillview had been an industrial area with facilities including: castrol company, Carbide, Cycle and Carriage demler plant (built in 1965) and old ford motor company which, though built in 1941, still remains whereas all other factories moved out to new places.

Transport services were provided by KTM Malayan Railway that connected Tanjong Pagar station and Malaysia through Hillview Avenue. Nearby, there are two support railway bridges that are of utmost importance. On 24th May 2010, a bilateral agreement was signed between Malaysia and Singapore, which rendered the railway land back to Singapore. Authorities intend to transform this land into a railway corridor. Several ideas have been floating up including, to preserve it as parks and community centres or to turn it into a highway for cyclists with direct access into central business district.

Hillview Avenue Private Residential Estate

In 1951, Princess Elizabeth estate was built along Hillview Avenues’ Elizabeth Drive in the memory of the Royal wedding. HDB (Housing Development Board) established public housing around 1979 at the northern side of Hillview. It included a wet market, community centre, a hawking centre and some shops. In 1999 however, on the signal of the government, the HDB estate was to be relocated to Butik Gombak. By the end of 2005 the relocation was completed and the estate was razed down.Today, Hillview is one of the most opulent residential areas of Singapore.

Hillview Next to Jalan Remaja Tuan Sing Holdings

It houses numerous abodes and private properties. It is also surrounded by restaurants, cafes and water holes. Many latest brands are nestled inside a shopping mall, HillV2 which is built at the front end of the avenue. A community club has been established adjacent to HillV2, which comprises a culinary studio, a dance studio, enrichment centres and few more other entertainment stuff. An educational institution has been planned to be built under the 5years of 2014 Master Plan.

Home at Hillview is a dream for many people. It is not much easier to find a house at a perfect place like this.

Boulevard 88 CDL Freehold Condo Orchard Shopping District

The project site is located in the centre of the Orchard Shopping-District by the same developer, City-Developments Limited. It is situated on the posh Orchard Rd, a hub of major shopping centers and facilities. The area is filled with a variety of prime hotels nearby and malls covering all over around. The actual site is also quite near to the main road to make it easily accessible.

The Boulevard 88 CDL freehold condo project is just 0.57 km away from the NS22 Orchard M.R.T Station and a 1.35 km from the NS23 Somerset M.R.T Station. It is accessible on the Thomson-East Coast-Line. Bus connectivity is also robust with a large number of buses available along the Tanglin Road as well as the Orchard Boulevard Rd. It is also right next to the Central Expressway (C.T.E) for those who want to commute to and from the CBD.

Boulevard 88 Freehold Orchard Condo

Boulevard 88 along with being situated in a plush, well-connected and easily accessible environment, is also full of exclusive experiences. Facilities are immense with anything and everything to choose from. A guard house for a safe and sound environment is present. Clubhouse for hosting events or DJ nights as well as indoor gym, children’s playground for all the sporting needs and tennis court, are additional facilities you will find here. , BBQ pits, 50m swimming pool and sun deck make up for a dream vacation type extravaganza. This with addition to the other close facilities and services in close connect ensure each and every need can be fulfilled at Boulevard 88 with comfort and ease. Boulevard 88 is an ongoing project currently with all of the benefits and amenities strategically designed for ambitious and effective project results.

Boulevard 88 City Developments Limited Location

Moreover, their capacious nexus of office locations spreading in more than twenty frontline countries makes them quite suitable for you if you desire to choose your desired dominion from a wide range of multi-national options.
As you can see and as they claim, the medley nature of City Developments Limited allows you to acquire all the real estate knacks under a single ceiling. Following are the basic estate services which CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED intends to dispense:
Are you interested in starting a business in Singapore? City Developments Limited’s commercial estates must be on the top your selection list if you want the base of your business to be strong and compact.
City Developments Limited owns five husky and marvelous commercial plazas in Singapore named as:-
– Republic Plaza(9 Raffles Place)
– 7 Tampines Grande
– 9 Tampines Grande
– City Square Mall (180 Kitchener Road)
– City Industrial Building (71 Tannery Lane)
They provide you with the most satisfactory commercial and renting services for your business.

City Developments Limited Developer for Boulevard 88 Condo

Millennium and Copthorne Hotels is the hotel factor of City Developments Limited. It is headquartered in London and it has over 130 chain branches which are located in the prime locations in gateway cities in Asia, Europe, Middle East and America.
M&C Hotels provide you with some of the top 5-star hotel services all around the globe. Their room quality and luxury is their key attribute.
·Funds Management:-
Fund management is a bit abstract, is often regarded as a side thing or an extension of major estate services. City Developments Limited excels in this circle too! Besides working on to enhance their income inflow, they have also focused on better and efficient asset management system which further embroiders their asset value.

All foodies in Singapore meet here. From the mouthwatering delicacies found at the Michelin-rated eateries, lip-smacking snacks from hawkers to must-tries exotic cuisine created by award-winning chefs, every meal here offers you a chance to indulge in something new and sumptuous. You can take a food tour in the evening, taste a tropical-inspired food or taste the local dishes from the hawkers. The center also has luxurious and award-winning boutique accommodations such as the Ritz-Carlton Singapore, Raffles Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel among others.

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