Jade Scape Qingjian Realty Shunfu Ville Site and Floor Plans

Have you ever thought of changing your area of residence because of reasons that only yourself know? Well, if joy and solace are among what you have been looking for then you should try Jade Scape. Where is it found? Jade Scape is a residential property located in District 20, 314 Shunfu Road Singapore. The location is very desirable since it can only take you a 2 minute walk from Jade Scape to Marymount MRT station. Marymount is a Mass RapidTransit station in Bishan, Singapore. It was opened 8 years ago on 28th may, 2009. It is a beautiful structure located underneath Marymount road.

Jade Scape Qingjian Realty Shunfu Ville Site and Floor Plans

Jade Scape is connected to several road networks including Marymount Road and Thompson Road. Moreover, there are several MRT stations available such as upper Thomson MRT station and Marymount MRT station. With rapid development of more transport networks underway, Jade Scape Shunfu Ville will more easily accessible. There are numerous health facilities and doctor’s clinics available in Jade Scape. These facilities are not only competent but also famous. Residents can always promptly visit the Kingsley Family Clinic and the Raffles Medical Clinic.

Good times now awaits the buyers in 2019 as they now have control, freedom and choice following the new launches of units which ranges from 9500 to 11000 according to Hutton Asia head of research Teck. Teck added that approximately 20% of the development are located in CCR, RCR has 30% and approximately 50% in OCR. Some of the expected projects that are expected are Fourth Avenue, One Meyer and RvAltitude among others.Therefore Jadescape condo being located at the RCR Region near to Thomson and Marymount MRT Station will be highly sought after located in the city.

Jade Scape Condo Site Plan and Floor Plans at Marymount MRT Station Singapore

Shopping centres, eating joints, schools and supermarkets are available in Jade Scape Marymount MRT Station. You can settle for lunch at Shunfu Mart Food centre or attend a party at Thomson plaza while preparing for a shopping experience at junction 8 mall. Famous schools around include; Raffles Institution Junior College, Raffles Institution Secondary school, Whitley secondary school and Catholic High school. In the month of May, 2016, Qingjian Realty purchased Shunfu Ville. This was a great record since at that time, it was the third largest sale ever made in the history of Singapore. The estate is yet to be completed in 2020 and much is anticipated from the project. The project has instilled hope for increased development in the area for the betterment of the local community. It also has a plan for the development of playgrounds and other recreational facilities.

Jade Scape Singapore Enbloc Qingjian Realty Near to Ang Mo Kio

The site plan for Jade Scape condo has been well laid out and accurately documented to ensure the success of the project. The plan has factored in the presence of supermarkets and eating joints to curb any unprecedented event of food shortage. Once complete, there will be a large number of recreational facilities both in water and land. Jade scape Singapore is surely a great choice for you to consider living in. What’s more is that, once the Thomson Park is complete, there will be an ample space for hiking and biking inclusive of some additional recreational facilities. The cost of living is also expected to be relatively affordable.

Since transport will be convenient and recreational facilities available, Jade Scape Qingjian Enbloc will be a haven of good tidings. Most investors and aspiring residents have already started apartment bookings so as to be on the safe side when the project is complete. There are different types of residential houses available which you can confidently choose e from based on your convenience.

Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Enbloc Hougang Avenue 7

Riverfront Residences aims to offer its inhabitants with a 200m riverfront view of Sungei Serangoon and due to its prominent location in Hougang Town, it seems to be a promising venture for residents as well as investors. Riverfront Residences Condo located at Hougang Avenue 7 is situated near to Hougang MRT Station as well as Hougang Bus Interchange where several buses seem to find their place along the Serangoon Road. The Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway connect the car owners to the city as well as Orchard area. It is also next to Hougang Stadium and Punggol Park.

Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Enbloc Hougang Avenue 7

Riverfront Residences Condo offers enormous facilities such as the clubhouse, indoor gym, tennis court, guard house, swimming pool, children’s playground and BBQ pits, making the family’s lifestyle filled with serenity. It is located near to Hougang Mall, The Midtown, and Kang Kar Mall which helps the inhabitants to enjoy their shopping peacefully. Besides this, its unique location offers a charismatic and serene 200m view of the Sungei Serangoon River.

Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa Enbloc is also near to CHIJ ( Our Lady of The Nativity), the girl’s primary school which aims to provide a sophisticated environment helping the children to build their future by harnessing their true potential. The Serangoon Junior College and Holy Innocent’s School are also near Riverfront Residences.

Riverfront Residences Hougang New Project Oxley

The erstwhile Rio Casa Enbloc was sold to Oxley-Lien and it is estimated that 1400 units can be built on the plot which is expected to be well received. KSH Holdings, incorporated in 1979 is a stock exchange listed entity and has many projects around China, Japan, and Malaysia. With an aim to increase their shareholders’ wealth, KSH has invested in Riverfront Residences and its unique and high-tech design as per the standards stipulated in CONQUAS seem to be a promising factor for the Oxley Lien Beng Venture.

Oxley Holdings with its top bid for Hougang Avenue 7 venture, seeks to equip the residential properties with necessary facilities such as roofing, plumbing works, and wiring connections. Their recent venture in Riverfront Residences seems to be quite an engaging investment in their portfolio as it aims to reduce the financial burden on the purchasers by providing them the facility for flexible payments spread over a period of time. They also provide necessary legal backings in order to support your properties. Their unique design in line with the cultural classifications seems to be an attraction to the investors.

Riverfront Residences Enbloc Facilities at Hougang

Lian Beng Group Property Developer since its inception in 1973 has involved in hundreds of construction projects and Ong Pang Aik and his family, with a stake of 28.03% is a major stakeholder in the company. It has also been investing money in training the home and construction labor so that they can perform as an asset for their company and help them in their construction business. Thus, their partnership with Oxley Holdings and others in this venture seems to be a profit-making investment.

The Riverfront Residences Former Rio Casa is a former privatized HUDC estate and there are owners of this estate who are willing to stay back in the same location in Riverfront Residences. Hence, a unique and standardized venture awaits your arrival in order to brighten your lives with a glorious atmosphere.

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