Daintree Residence Site Plan and Facilities at Toh Tuck Road

The Daintree Residence is a project which is to be developed by SP Setia International belonging to Malaysia. This residence is close to the Beauty World MRT Station. The development is addressed to be on the Toh Tuck Road.

The project will be developed by SP Setia International which is a strong brand that has been established in the market and is present in Malaysia. The project tenure is of about 99 years of leasehold development.
Area of the site will be of 201,442 square feet.
Gross floor area will be of 282,019 square feet.
The estimated number of units will be 325.

Daintree Residence Beauty World MRT Station

The location of the Daintree Residence facilities and site plan consists of a large number of commercial as well as retail shops nearby which makes it very easy for the residents to indulge in various activities. The development is to be launched in 2018 featuring luxury apartments in which the potential buyers can easily place investments.

Near to the Daintree Residence, there are some shopping centres such as the Beauty World Centre and the Beauty World Plaza and the residence is located very close to the Beauty World MRT Station. These amenities near the residence mark a great importance for the Daintree Residence as the residents can easily place investments at such places. The Daintree Residence Condo is located close to interesting places such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and also the Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Daintree Residence Near Lorong Kismis at Toh Tuck Road Condo

The location of the Daintree Residence is very close to the Beauty World MRT Station which is located on the Downtown Line. It is in the eastern part of Singapore and marked by boundaries such as Hillview states in the Southern part, Bukit Timah in the northern part and Bukit Batok in the eastern part. It is very close to Pan Island Expressway which is a major road in the particular area. Presence of the residence in such a location makes it very convenient for everyone to travel to the city in a very short period. The Ngee Polytechnic and many other primary schools are located nearby Daintree Residence.

Sites of the Daintree Residence has been planned with a wide range of amenities. The setup includes luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym for indoor activities and exercises, a tennis court, a playground for children and also a BBQ area.

Facilities and Site Plan for Daintree Residence S P Setia International

The setup is arranged and planned efficiently for full comfort and a luxurious lifestyle also providing full comfort to friends, family, and relatives. The number of bedroom units available is 3,4, and 5. Depending on the requirements and comfort, one can select the number of units to be taken. The residence includes two types of facing. One side faces towards Toh Tuck Road whereas the other side faces towards Lorong Kismis. An unblock view can be available for units that are above 6th floor.

Toh Tuck is a street in Bukit Timah. The culture of the Toh Tuck is marked by the hawker center as well as the wet market. One needs to visit these places at least once to get a clear understanding of the type of food, the dance styles, etc.

SP Setia is a better option to be chosen because it provides some products that range from Small Townships to great luxury homes and other wide numbers of options that include Eco Homes and other High Rise Residences. Thus, the Daintree Residence is one of the best options that can be chosen for luxurious and well-settled lifestyles.

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